After almost 10 years living in Spain,
I understand the culture, history and language like few foreigners do.



My name is Molly Yurick. I’m a Minnesota native, but Spaniards constantly mistake me for a local. And that’s because I’ve spent a lifetime crafting my Spanish language skills. I love salsa dancing, skiing and hiking, but traveling is my #1 free-time priority. I’ve explored and wandered around 32 countries (and counting)! Oh, and I always make a point to visit to my hometown in Minnesota at least twice a year.

My 11 years of experience as a translator, interpreter and cultural ambassador have prepared me to produce culturally and linguistically accurate translations for your English-speaking readers.


·      My monolingual parents bravely enrolled me in Spanish immersion school… long before it was the cool thing to do.
Thanks to them, I’ve been speaking Spanish fluently since I was just five years old.

·      I finished a double major in Spanish and global studies alongside a certificate in interpreting in just four years.

·      After graduation in 2009, I immediately moved to Spain and have been living here ever since. I currently call beautiful Oviedo my home.




I am a voting member of the American Translators Association,
where I serve as Deputy Chair of the Public Relations Committee.

I am a member of ASETRAD, the association for translators and interpreters in Spain.


My clients say the sweetest things…